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What the President Should Know About Coronavirus


What the President Should Know About Corona

In the book “Lions, Red Pandas, and Other Vectors” by M.A. Vidzar and K.T. Yeo, there’s a fascinating section on the virus called the “Corona” virus that infects plants and is transmitted by insects that eat those plants. The information in this chapter is eerily applicable to the role of the President of the United States right now: The president should know about coronaviruses because they are a threat to our agricultural economy and food supply. They don’t directly affect humans but can cause widespread damage to crops such as sugarcane, banana, and papaya trees. As a result of infection with a coronavirus, photosynthesis is disrupted or ceases completely; leaves turn yellow or red; sugars ferment, and growth is stunted. This affects the production of each individual plant as well as entire fields or groves depending on their commercial significance…

What is the Correlation Between Corona Virus and President Trump?

The metaphor is drawn between the properties of the virus and the current situation with President Trump – the damage it can cause to an entire economy, the need to understand how and why it happens, what the consequences are, and how to stop it. The coronavirus attacks plants that are important commercially. These plants are usually grown under circumstances that facilitate the spread of the virus. There is often a large number of susceptible plants growing in close proximity, with no barriers between them. The plants are either grown in greenhouses or in fields, often with a source of beetles that can act as vectors of the virus. Similarly, the Russian attack on the 2016 election was directed at key industries – such as the energy sector and agriculture – that are important to the health of the economy. Russian agents used the same methods of transmission: large numbers of susceptible people in close proximity with no barrier between them. Russian agents also used the internet as a vector for their attack, just as the coronavirus spreads through insects on plants.

Understanding Why Corroboration is Important

What the President Should Know About Corona

When someone makes an accusation against another person, it’s extremely important to consider how it might be corroborated. If you accuse someone of stealing a car, you’d better have evidence beyond the fact that you saw that person walking away from the car – otherwise, your accusation will likely fail. The same is true when considering accusations against a person in a political campaign or investigation. Inaccurate, misleading, or poorly substantiated accusations can do great damage – to the accuser and the country. But when others corroborate your facts with additional evidence, it’s much more difficult to deny. The importance of corroboration is critical when considering whether members of the Trump campaign coordinated with Russian agents. Two people might have a conversation in which they say they’re going to do something illegal. But two people saying they’re going to do something doesn’t prove they actually did it.

The Importance of Timing

Because of the nature of the coronavirus, it’s necessary to understand the timing of an attack. When is the virus most likely to be spread? How quickly does the virus spread? And what are the conditions that help the virus to spread? With the Russian attack on the election, timing is also critical. As we get closer to the 2020 election, we have a better understanding of how the attack on the 2016 election was facilitated. Likewise, as we get closer to the 2020 election, we’ll have a better understanding of the extent to which the Trump campaign was involved in the 2016 attack.

How We Know Russia Meddled in the 2016 Election

We have a number of sources of evidence that Russia successfully attacked the election. This includes a Special Counsel investigation that has issued indictments against Russian agents and has charged members of the Trump campaign with obstruction of justice. The Mueller investigation also issued a report – a detailed account of the facts discovered and conclusions drawn. The report is not a legal document but is a summary of the investigation’s findings. One conclusion is that Russian agents attacked the election and

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